Lake Park Sportzone is happy to partner with RSK Sports and Wisconsin Crusaders. RSK sports is a local organization who organizes and runs AAU tournaments, school tournaments, and leagues throughout the year. RSK sports is known for organizing and holding top tournaments in Northeast Wisconsin. Wisconsin Crusaders is a local AAU basketball club who will be practicing and holding tournaments at Lake Park Sportzone. The Wisconsin Crusaders compete in high end tournaments throughout the Midwest in the months of April through July. The Crusaders club teams are comprised of players from NE Wisconsin (Fox Valley, Green Bay and surrounding areas.) When LPSZ was in the construction phase we collaborated with our basketball club partners to make our facility a place where serious players would want to practice and compete. Hard wood courts, 3 full size high school basketball courts, spectator viewing from the sidelines, the very best in equipment along with ample space around the court will showcase to our players we are serious about providing only a top notch environment for all who play basketball at LPSZ.

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