Hmong Outdoor Volleyball Info


Absolutely NO CARRY INS!

Games will start in the morning – specific times to follow once schedule

A match consists of 2 games to 21 cap at 25

Blind Draw into a seeded tournament

No net serves – hitting the net on a serve costs you a point

At no time can a player touch the net. Hair and clothing is permissible to touch the net. Hats and shoes are not allowed to touch the net. If you touch the net after the ball is down and it’s part of your follow-through, it’s a net violation.

You can not open hands pass a serve

You can open hands pass an offensive driven ball only if the ball is hit on a continuous downward path (sometimes called “hard driven”) from point of contact from the offensive player; your pass MUST come out clean (no double contact). If the offensive driven ball arcs at all and you use your open hands to pass it, its a violation.

If you open hands set over the net, 1) it must be square to your shoulders, and 2) it can not make more than 1 rotation. If BOTH of these things do not happen, its a violation. If only one of these things happen, its a violation.